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Grocery Delivery Service

Anything you need from your favorite local supermarket is available for delivery to your home.

The process is simple.

You'll never go grocery shopping again!!!

grocery delivery

You give us your grocery list by




grocery list delivery

We shop for you

at your requested supermarket.

Grocery Delivery
grocery delivery

We deliver your groceries to you!

Payment is due at time of delivery

grocery delivery
cash payment accepted


under $100   -  $20 Delivery Fee

over $100    -   20% Delivery Fee

*$20 deposit may be required

Same Day Delivery - Currently Not Available

$5 surcharge (plus regular rates)

Call for availability

Additional Stores/Stops

$5 surcharge


To cancel an order, you must CALL Groceries To-Go at 216-630-2099 to make the change.

You must call at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time.

Sending an email may not be sufficient enough to stop your grocery order from being processed.

We require a credit card number to be on file to utilize our service. We will only charge this card upon your authorization or if no other payment is available at the time of your grocery delivery.

If the credit card being used to pay for the delivery will not be on hand to swipe at the time of delivery, there will be an additional 3.5% + $0.15 fee.


"Groceries To-Go has been delivering groceries to my disabled sister in Lakewood. It is such a help to be able to schedule deliveries a day ahead. She is thrilled with the service she is getting and it gives me so much peace of mind to know that she has what she needs.

Thanks so much!"

"Very satisfied with the service and the shoppers. Have recommended it to my friends."

"The experience was great. The shopper got exactly what was on my order, the quality, and he was a very friendly person."

Cleveland Grocery Delivery
Our Service Area
grocery delivery
Grocery Delivery
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